Sunday, June 30, 2013

1 Photo 30 Apps Number Two

App number two in this series is Photo fx Ultra.
It really does offer a lot. And it should for $4.99. It's by Tiffen. It's their iPad version of the DFX Software. After revisiting this long forgotten app I plan to use it much more.
The original.
I went for the Special Effects Tab first, lower far right, and picked Color Infrared with these settings.
 You must click the top right 'save' icon to add additional effects. (Ususally that's where you go to save to your camera roll, but it also gives the option of adding effects. Again in the Special Effects but this time Pencil with these settings to show some color through.
Now choosing B/W Looks > Newspaper Old
Now switch to the Diffusion tab > High Contrast. And I'm happy.


  1. Boo...I don't have an iPad...I've been a laptop girl forever and don't try to skimp...but if I get an iPad, I'm sure I'll be the same way. How much of these things can I really afford. But you are tempting me...neat stuff!

  2. I love these step by step instructions you are giving. The flower turned out great, another winner.

  3. Roxi, these are just amazing! I've ordered an iPad so I can't wait to have fun with it. It should be better than trying to 'see' on my iPhone!

  4. Your tutorials are of great inspiration, Roxi - A great anchangement in the sunflower with Photo Fx Ultra!
    I have iPad and am looking forward to the possibilities & different apps there's available :)

  5. Great tutorial Roxi I'm learing so much...

  6. I have this one too. It's awesome.


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