Saturday, June 29, 2013

She Had a Dream

Playing with Topaz Adjust...
She had a dream. 
She was flying 
Para sailing actually 
Just herself and the sail which she held tightly. 
It appeared as a couple pair of jeans or some sore of clothing. 
Not denim but very light.
She was lifted by the wind. 
She could turn and look both directions. 
Ahead and behind.
She was lifted higher and her heart was exhilarated. 
There was nothing ahead to cause her to tumble to the ground. 
Higher and higher
She was not afraid.


  1. Your texturework is really inspring ,i also love to use Kims textures.
    Lieben Gruss Patricia

  2. So pretty Roxi and your words perfect....

  3. Go for it!!!! I'm going to pass... (smile)

  4. Is this a secret passion for you? I want to see pictures when it happens :)

  5. I'm kinda like Denise on this one but I'll watch you!



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