Friday, July 5, 2013


Have I mentioned before that I love cilantro? I do. I could eat it in and on everything. Except maybe cereal and milk... It's flowers are dainty and lacy. The seed heads enticing to a photographer. Purplish at the start and golden before they burst forth their seeds. This year they managed to come up all through the lawn. It was the first year the dill DIDN'T. I guess they traded places.
IPhone 5, Olloclip, edits done with PicTapGo and TypicPro and PictureFrames.


  1. I just love this one, even if I don't like Cilantro :)

  2. Count me in as one who loves the flavour of cilantro. I should have planted some this year.

    Your photos of it are wonderful.


  3. We call it coriander over here not a great fan but it's very photogenic.

    1. That's what we call the 'spice' when it's dried and ground. That was always confusing to me.

  4. I am always inspired and encouraged when I visit here: iPhoneography, gardening, cooking. Until now my only experience with cilantro has been in a Chipotle burrito - they mix it in with the rice - and I love it! Now I have a beautiful visual to go with it...



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