Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good-by, Not

Nearly 2 years ago my friend Cindy decided to start a 'girls only' photo group for more personal support among the girls at our local camera club. A couple months ago the threatening news of her possibly moving clear across the state reared it's ugly head. This wasn't welcome news to us, however it was great news for her family.
This week was our last official meeting. Cindy decided to get all mushy on us and told a story. When she was quite young, her mom took her and her brother to a store and gave them each some money to buy a gift. (It was Cindy's birthday.) Her brother was so excited about his gift for her he couldn't even wait to get out the door to give it to her. It was so beautifully wrapped and she was careful to preserve every piece. As she unwrapped it he told her that he bought it because she was his shining star. At this point she showed us the necklace. Then went on to pull gifts from her purse for each of us and tell us that was how she felt about us. I believe we all had tears in our eyes.

Thank you, my friend. You've been such an inspiration and encouragement to me.
Thank God for FB and other technology. Perhaps we'll do Google Talk or Skype after they get settled in.
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  1. Simply heart-warming...

  2. What a touching story. I would be bawling my eyes out.

  3. Roxi, what a wonderful, amazing, creative, and talented friend you are! I will miss you so much! Thank you for your friendship!!!!!

  4. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend. You are so fortunate to have each other.


  5. Count your are truly blessed! xo


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