Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Shopping

Let me tell you a story about shopping... For clothes that is.
In my younger days, I would usually wear rather trendy clothing. Being a hairstylist, it was perfect. I don't think I could've done the classic office look. 
I grew up sewing my own clothes and did so as an adult. Now it would cost more to make something than actually buy it.
In the late 80s (I was in my early 30s) I was bit by the quilting bug. I quilted 24-7. Most things I made were wall quilts and even quilted or pieced clothing. Of course all my spare money was being spent on my passion, fabric and gadgets. After a few years of this I noticed my wardrobe was beginning to suffer. And then revelation smacked me upside the head. I realized if I didn't stop and go shopping for clothes I would turn into a replica of our local quilt shop owner. At the time she was about as old as I am right now. She was a very sad picture of fashion with her polyester pants and no-color shirts. Heaven forbid. What a wake up call. I went shopping the next day.
It's still a struggle to go shopping and spend money on clothes when I would rather be spending money on decor, antiques, and iPhone apps. In fact I have to be very much in the mood. It seems lately all I can find that fits is 'old lady' clothes. It's depressing. My mind thinks my body is still a teenager. 
So, since today is my birthday, yesterday I psyched myself up to go shopping. But first, I had breakfast with my photography buddy, Kathy. Then spent nearly 2 hours at the local arboretum doing a self-portrait shoot. I was wishing I had already bought my new clothes. (An excuse to go back.) 
Well I actually hit the jackpot the first shop I visited. Three hours later (I was not in a hurry and I did finally go get a cart), the clerk rang me up. I decided that was enough for one birthday. I had intended to just get some cute T-shirts because that seems to be what I live in these days. But I was most pleasantly surprised to find some great trendy tops, two pair of capris, 3 scarves, 2 Ts, a great white skirt with lace edge for photo shoots. AND A DRESS OF ALL THINGS! I haven't bought a dress in three years, since Kevin got married. (And it makes me look 20 lbs. thinner.)  And of course a few home decor items.

I've never spent that much in one store before for clothing. I decided it would be a good thing to get their credit card and save 10% today. So my dress was free. Ha, yea right.
Then I stopped and got my favorite brownie at Sugarbaker's.
Then off to Longhorn Steakhouse to check out their offerings with the kids and Hallie.
Photo compliments of Kaytie.

It's been a great day.

I'll be linking up with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds.


  1. Great story and pics. What a smashing dress!

  2. So glad that you had an awesome birthday. Great shopping experience, lot the stuff you got. Thanks for sharing. Good to step away from the t-shirts and jeans once in a while :) I am trying to as well.

  3. Love your new clothes! that black and white dress is stunning!

  4. Happy Birthday Roxi xx Your new clothes look fantastic and you'll feel like a million dollars wearing them! My personal favourite is the white top with the cut out pieces... so beautiful.

  5. Go you! You look fantastic. Have fun wearing your new duds. :)

  6. Happy birthday!!! Love your dresses ❤

  7. Holy smoke, girl! I am SO there with you, right down to the making my own clothes years ago and the quilting thing and neglecting clothes in favor of art supplies. I greatly approve of your birthday shopping trip, and all your purchases...especially the lace skirt ('for a photo shoot'...does this mean you bought it as a photo shoot prop? If so, then I confess that I did the exact same thing just yesterday at Target...I bought a beautiful cream colored lacy scarf to wear to work, but the deal maker for me was that I could picture it in a still life photo shoot as a back drop.)

    Happy Birthday!


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