Monday, June 3, 2013

Nothing is Safe

I spent several hours cleaning my studio again this past weekend. It amazes me how it can get so cluttered up when I haven't even been doing anything in there. I did find a small chair to replace the yellow one. (DIL was selling it at a garage sale.) It's perfect in every way except that I'm having a hard time getting it cleaned. An added bonus, my little pillow matched. I found the black table at Hobby Lobby on Friday marked for clearance.  I covered the rhinestone band with fabric.

So before I go to the trouble of recovering the chair.... I'm going to make an attempt to paint it with chalk paint. I may even paint the fabric on the lamp shade. I have a collection of 4 colors now.

I am using CeCe Caldwell's Calk Paint.  One of the reasons I'm going this route is that you can paint on nearly anything and don't have to use a primer. The lady at the store has been extremely helpful. She painted an old leather sofa and it turned out gorgeous. I tried it out on a frame yesterday. The base color was the green and I added the pale turquoise. I just put a bit of the paste wax on part of it to darken some of the turquoise.

This has been a nice change from the computer. I have so many ideas of things around the house and at work to paint. Nothing is safe. I can see them running and hiding now.


  1. Your space looks so nice. I've never heard of painting upholstery! Can't wait to see the result!

  2. Love chalk paint. I did some shutters last summer and I have a small side table waiting to be done.

  3. Your space looks so cheerful and bright. Makes me want to start cleaning. I'm looking forward to seeing the upholstery painted.

  4. Uh oh! Something new for me to try.


  5. absolutely love the efforts of your organization


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!