Monday, April 22, 2013

Hill Country Road Trip

A quick road trip to see the wildflowers in Central Texas was how we spent our last Saturday and Sunday.
The bluebonnets were few and far between but this scene made up for it. Taken with iPhone5 and edited in Snapseed. Unfortunately I can't remember what ap I used to get the 'yellowness' I tried to recreate several places and nothing looked familiar. I need a better system for recorded that kind of info. (or less apps, NOT.)

This one was actually edited in Photoshop.

Taken with my Canon7D and edited in ACR and Photoshop

We also stopped to taunt some wooly sheep. Did you notice the 'guard' dog? He blends in quite nicely. They got nervous and started running away until hubby started making noises. Then they had to stop and stare. They were quite hilarious to watch.
This looked interesting as we passed by so hubby obliged me and stopped. (He has become more tolerant of my photography obsession since I had 2 photographs recently get into juried shows and one actually winning an award.) I set my camera on the HDR setting for this. Processed in Snapseed.

The town of Winters boasted a very interesting agriculture museum (I have lots of pics for another day). There was an old hotel that we got to wander through and several unique old buildings. One was a privately owned with a few partial broken windows that enabled us to see the treasures within. Several very old scales and tons of goodies. The man next door said the owner intends in a few years(when he retires) to turn it into a working original blacksmith shop. How cool will that be?
In Ballinger we stumbled upon a 'vintage' flea market. It's held every quarter at a different city in the area. I found the coolest, strangest old camera. Which reminds me, I need to google it and see what it actually does. More on it later. I'll leave you with this shot of an old adding machine that I processed in Haiku HD and Image Blender. Blender makes it possible to layer 2 photos or a texture and change the opacity and blend mode. So awesome.
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  1. Wonderful photos. The town of Winters sounds like someplace that I would love to explore. Good luck with a system for recording what you do in your processing :)

  2. At first glance, I thought the watchdog was photoshopped in for humor! :-) I know what you mean about using Snapseed. It seems like each time you apply a different effect, you can never go back to it. It's like they are forever changing!

  3. Some of best photo ops happen on those weekend get aways. Yours was another great success.

  4. Glad you let us tag along! I love your variety of fave is the first cows shot...great capture and editing. I have Snapseed? Will check...


  5. Wonderful captures and editing


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