Thursday, April 18, 2013

Aspects of Learning

It's interesting to discover things about yourself. This can be good and bad....
I do much better at taking classes where I can just watch a video and do it. This year I've signed up for classes that require me to stop and think, much to my dismay.... It causes me to procrastinate about even READING the lessons. (what is the stumbling block that mind (or heart) seems to throw up when it comes time for such things.)
My most recent class was an expensive one (compared to all others I've taken) and I really felt that it would be a turning point in my photography. (And I'm over a week behind)
Well, this morning I had 2 hours free and just had to MAKE myself go somewhere, get coffee, sit down and read and contemplate and write, as I went through it.
Hallelujah! Break through! I actually made great notes as thoughts came to mind while reading. By the time I finished, the questions listed at the end had pretty much been answered.
Another thing I've found hard in this class is that discussion is held in a Flickr group. This is a new habit I'll have to get into. I post photos occasionally, (I'm much more regular on Instagram, as in daily.) But now that 2 weeks plus have passed, I have tons of 'reading' of discussions to catch up on. And as I finally begin to read I get to know everyone, but unless I join in and post or comment, no one gets to know me. The good thing is I already 'know' a few of the gals and am at least familiar with many others. Mostly from IG or Kim Klassen's texture groupies.
So... my main goal for this class is to LEARN, learn more about what I want to shoot, the second is to get to know the others better.
And yes, I believe this will be a turning point in my photography. Thanks to Kat Sloma.
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  1. Sounds like you were very productive this morning. Good for you. There has been a lot of material discussed so far, it is hard to keep up with it all. I too find the flickr discussion format challenging. I just don't feel I am getting to know the participants as well. Thankfully I know a lot of you already.

  2. You are not alone in your creative journey. I certainly empathize with your struggles. I didn't even sign up for Kat's class! I knew I was on the verge of overload, so I am only following your class vicariously. You all at least are "doing the work." I am listening on tape to Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art on recommendation of David duChemin. He talks about Resistance, among other concepts.

    I love your iPhoneography!


  3. I enjoy your photos, and I like your study style :)

  4. Roxi, I so know what you mean I love writing on my blog and am finding the Flickr commenting quite difficullt, what with the time difference I seem to miss so much . I haven't sat down and really thought about what I'm doing but hopefully I will get there.....

  5. Isn't Glaze fun? Love your blog!

  6. Love your "Good Morning" image. I understand how you procrastinate, I call it being paralyzed... I've bitten off a bit much lately... Your class sounds interesting!


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