Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texture Tuesday on the iPad

It's Texture Tuesday at Kim's and my friend Viv has inspired me to get after it on my iPad.

This is the 'before' (taken with my Canon). It's actually after cropping, slight brightening and a little ambiance, applied in Snapseed. Fabulous app, I must say. It's been my go to app for cropping, straightening and tweaks before I go to the artistic stuff. Snapseed also has plenty of artistic filters and such.

  1. Photoshop Touch: cloned out the object in the lower right corner. Added a texture layer from Kim, Cherished. Set the blend mode to Overlay, reduced opacity a bit. Duplicated that layer and changed it to multiply and reduced the opacity to around 50%.
  2. Phonto: A text app. I'm not too familiar with it yet, so it took nearly as long to do the text as the other editing. One negative about it is that the text was very hard to move (little arrows) and once when I edited it, it jumped back over and I had to move it again. I know that I can load other fonts to it because I saw Jessica Sprague do this in a class. So I may not give up too easily. Over is another text app you can try.
Looking back, next time I might add the font before the textures so it blends a bit more. 
I would love to hear about which apps you like.  Hope you're having as much fun as I am!
Could this be my new addiction?


  1. beautiful textured photos Roxi..... snap seed definitely rocks.... i need to play a little on my ipad ...it's been while..... xo, Kim

  2. so cool roxi, I have only tried the PS Touch once and must say I had a hard time. I think if I used it more often, sure it would get easier. Really cool.

  3. Awesome photo Roxi and I love how you altered it :) I've been learning so much from your blog... you have really inspired me xx


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!