Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cuppa TextureTuesday

It's Texture Tuesday and today's theme is Cuppa Love. I've spent too much time shooting my coffee this morning, I'm really needing to drink it since I've been awake since 4 AM.

  • Edited in Lightroom with basic edits, then added BDP Glamour 1 from Preset Pond (free). 
  • Assembled with a template in Lightroom's Print Module. 
  • 'Printed' as a jpeg to desktop.  
  • In Photoshop added Kim's 1301 texture twice.  
  • Yes, the cookies were so good I ate 3, then made more coffee. 
  • See layers below and SOOLightroom.

Join us with your favorite cup photos and link up at Kim's blog, Kim Klassen Cafe.


  1. Beautiful and creative photos - I like the changing perspective ... And the white china with the dots around the plate, and the mug with the lovely print! Your editing caresses the texture and brings warmth and coziness to the photo ~ I'd love to send the photo as a card to my 'cuppa friends' :)

  2. So lovely!! Green and white are a great color combination - the texture is warm. Ha ha on eating cookies and making more! :)

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  4. Love how this turned out! Thank you for the layers screenshot too! The cookies look delicious :)

  5. Oh, I do like what you've done. So very nice.

  6. Your creativity is going crazy since the kids left. You must be feeling awful with them gone. Great job above.

  7. Love your cuppa photos! Had to laugh too since I'm reading this and it's 4 am here!!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!