Monday, January 14, 2013

Angie in Lightroom4

My friend and neighbor of 14 years found out she had cancer just before Thanksgiving. Being a nurse and working with those types of patients, she knew exactly what she was getting into as far as treatment. (Although this is never news anyone wants to hear.) I encouraged her to let me take some photos of her before she got to the hair falling out stage. On Thursday I got a text from her with a picture of a fair amount of hair in her sink. I quickly texted back, Let's meet at noon tomorrow. I really intended to do it outside but it was sooo cold. Fortunately the light from my dining room windows was good. Shooting portraits is not my thing. I feel very uncomfortable shooting people unless they can 'make their own music'. But we had a good time and I was very pleased with how they turned out. All processed in Lightroom.

My friend Sarah's recent self-portrait inspired the close-ups. I used my Canon Nifty 50mm 1.8. A fabulous lens for portraits. It's also great for extreme macro closeups if you take off auto focus.
After I did my initial processing, I made virtual copies and played with some presets. I have a lot of free presets that are wonderful. Recently I purchased 4 sets from someone and currently I'm not impressed. I'll try them out on some other photos and let you know the true verdict.

This is my favorite of all. I like her smile and I love the strong contrast of this one. Preset is Mono Architecture Pink. (I think this was freebie from someone on Flickr.)
I noticed that different presets really can change the mood of the photo. In the trio below I'm a little partial to the middle one because of the dramatic feel, even though it shows a lot of texture in the skin. ( maybe I forgot to smooth out this one.)
1st. The Baby 1Lp (I'm sorry I had to pay for these, I was disappointed in the set. That's what happens when you impulsively buy on sale it seems. This is the only one that worked on any of her photos.)
2nd. ST High Contrast 3 (an oldie, not sure where this from either)
3rd. redrex vintage BW (LR2version) These are some great presets at Adobe Exchange, it is old but it works fine in LR4.

For those that prefer the more 'normal' portrait style. I like the antique feel of this one.
Matt's Cutting Edge -Matt Kloslowski (with green reduced in the curves) This is also an old preset.
Every Monday is preset day on Lightroom Killer Tips, so I'll be checking out some new ones.

I also use a wonderful adjustment brush set from Pretty Presets for sparkling eyes, smoothing skin, etc.
I added a few minor touchups in Photoshop. 

And one last funky shot for the artist in me. Bad Ass Film(LR3)

This may turn out to be Lightroom Week here on my blog. It looks as though I need to clean out my preset closet and get some updated ones. Just like it's hard to part with that old favorite sweater... however, I have some more resources that I itching to try out.


  1. These turned out wonderfully Roxi! Please keep us posted on Angie's fight with this horrible disease. I do love LR presets thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wonderful Roxi how beautiful your friend is I can tell from that lovely smile what a special person she is. My thoughts are with Angie having had cancer myself (5 years now) I know a little of what she must be going through although I was lucky not having to endure chemo... She is lucky to have you as a friend as this is just what she needs right now.....

  3. How great of you to do this for your neighbor, I know she will treasure these. So sorry that she or any women has to go through this. Wishing her the best in the next months.

  4. Thank you for sharing all the tips and your beautiful friend w/ us. I will be praying for her.

  5. What a beautiful lady with what looks like a beautiful spirit. All the very best to her. Lovely job by you in capturing her loveliness.

  6. Beautiful...both your work and your model. Angie is my prayers too.

  7. First! Prayers, for your sweet friend. Next, lovely post process. I always enjoy looking at your work and learning.

  8. Oh sending her lots of prayers... that is a hard road to travel. I remember when my hair fell out, you are never prepared. These are really beautiful. What a energetic smile she has and so contagious. Lightroom is so fun to play with. Please keep us posted.

  9. What beautiful photos of a lovely woman! Love all your creative angles! Sending prayers! Andi

  10. What a nice thing to do for your friend, I hope all goes well for her!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!