Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roxi, the Explorer

Explore, discover, create
Seeing things through new/old eyes
It took a trip to my home town to reconnect with my core being. I'm an explorer.
I love to look for things I've not seen before.  I took my camera out early one morning to capture the light and headed to the river. Little did I know I would revisit the land of magic.

My Mom would call it snooping.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to 'go down to the river.' It was a little creek on our farm that flowed in a curve behind the barn and beyond the garden. Not only could I look for 'wildlife' but we had an incredible 'junk' pile hidden behind some apple trees. My grandpa planted those trees and built the barn when he farmed that land, so this pile had many old treasures.
(Kim Klassen Abstract texture)
Two old cars from the 40s sat ready for my brothers and I to play in. I saw beauty then after they had been discarded. A little further away was the ever-loved Crossing, where the prairie road crossed the creek to access the rest of the farm. We would wade in the water as it flowed over the road or try to catch minnows or frogs.

I could spend hours in our attic looking through things Mom had stashed away. I remember finding the 'suit' she wore to get married in and thinking that was strange she didn't wear a dress.

ahhh, childhood memories

The river called and off I went...
The junk pile has long since been buried and a new one started by my brother and his son.
The barn and shop now store odd things instead of animals.
The house has been replaced so there is no attic to ponder yesterday.

The river spilled it's water over the crossing and because it was June, the vegetation was in abundance as maybe the ticks were too. I never get home in the summer time so this was a treat for the eyes. Just seeing the foxtails made my heart sing. Oh how I loved those little things. And proceeded to take their portraits.


  1. What beautiful memories you must have! Your photos are stunning - and I love foxtails too!

  2. Nicely written. A wonderful childhood expressed in photos & words. Thanks.

  3. & such beautiful portraits, totally love that second one & its contrast, lovely post!

  4. Roxi, this was so wonderful. Your photos are amazing, and you words are so beautiful. I loved the part about the attic. We had an attic too and I remember going up there and exploring. I had not thought about that in along time, so thank you for that. Really a wonderful post.

  5. Your pictures are all beautiful! I especially love the one of the barn.
    I love going to my parents house and going through all the draws and rooms! My kids do too - we find all kinds of things from when I was younger.

  6. Lovely light in your photos. Beautifully done.

  7. What wonderful reflection. My dad an old chicken coop on our property when I was growing up. That place was spooky, but filled with treasures that I didn't appreciate at the time. It would be a photographers dream now.

  8. Lovely Roxi it's lovely to have so many memories and that your family are making new ones....

  9. What beautiful live somewhere like this as a child must've been magical! And how wonderful that, as an adult, you can still visit that exact space. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful memories and images - I enjoyed them a lot!


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