Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boohoo, this is our last 5 Fact Friday over at the Reflection of You Blog with Kim and Xanthe. I may just have to keep this up, it is too fun. Join us there.

1.  I am in introvert, but somewhere inside there is a little party girl. (Texturized with kim klassen_heartfelt)
2.  I turned into a grandma this year. Sweet Hallie is 4 months old.
3.  I'm a Mac Girl. (My husband is a PC) Owned several since the early 90's. (Radlab)
4.  I'm also a Honda Girl since 1979… 2 Accords, 2 CRVs, a Ridgeline Pickup and now a new Pilot. (sigh, it runs so smooth but I do miss my truck at times) (Texturized with kim klassen_paperandpaste and Radlab)
5.  I have a green thumb and I inherited it from my mom. One of her irises from my garden. Texture and brush by me.
How about sharing some facts about yourself? Join us over at Reflection of You.


  1. Hi Roxi, nothing like getting ahead of the game! Lol. Your photos are so unique. Maybe I'll remember to do it this week now!

  2. No probs Roxie just do what you want I'm going to carry on as well ! what a pretty little baby .... you must melt when you see her....
    Apple gal yey me too .....

  3. Oh your granddaughter is so beautiful! what an amazing photo of her! I'm sad 5 Fact Friday is over too . . .

  4. oh Roxie...I am an apple girl too. :) in fact I often say I'm in love with anything apple. :)
    My son needed a laptop for school so I just give him my macbook pro and I ordered the new retina display one... aaaaack... pinch me. :) but my favorite place is in front of my imac. :)
    I've always loved hondas.... we have a civic.... but I think the pilots are lovely....
    last night i found my dream car though....
    it's a new mini cooper awd... oh my gosh!! some day... check it out.... :)

    happy weekend.

  5. Hi there, Roxie - thanks for sharing and inspiring me to do the same. Working on it at least. Your granddaughter is so sweet .... have a great weekend - hopefully in party pants!

  6. Roxie, your granddaughter is absolutely precious...! I am also an introvert, and a Honda owner (we have two) - high five! :) However, I most definitely do NOT have a green Thanks so much for sharing - have a great weekend!

  7. While not PC, I want to just kiss your granddaughter on her cheek. Too bad we can't do it anymore.

  8. I am a Mac Girl too. Fell in love with them 4 years ago, hate using a PC now. I love the look of the Pilot's. My husband had a 1975 honda civic when we started dating. It was a great little car.

  9. I am a PC, invested in too many programs to switch. Your photos are wonderful. I am trying out radlab... it is fun.

  10. Roxie, love your most recent photography posts here on your blog. GORGEOUS work, my friend! See you soon!


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