Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shaping up on Beyond Layers

This assignment is Rectangles.
When you stop and think about they are everywhere, it just took me a few days to stop.
I was fascinated by these iron pieces that held the glass wall of a building together in downtown Houston. I must have taken 10 shots trying to get an interesting one.
I organized this drawer in my kitchen today so that it would be worthy. And our house is scattered with many rectangular frames of relatives.


  1. Double bonus, organized drawer and a great photo :)

  2. Love the rectangles! Great collage!

  3. Wonderful job Roxi ... really well presented and congrats on getting your link to Flickr up as well. I have yet to do this assignment for BL but have done such similar assignments with my camera club in past years. It's amazing isn't it? What's even more fun about doing this with Beyond Layers is how much fun it is in post processing and the creation of a whole new piece from several images. Great collage!! Your blog is looking good my friend!

  4. hi Roxi...great collage of rectangles...i have not even started to do mine yet, but i do have some ideas floating around, now to find the time...sigh.


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