Monday, October 3, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 50

This may be the last Mobile Art Monday for this year...
I have a big art show coming up in November and a 2 week RV vacation in October. (again? you say!) Yes, we're going east as far as Asheville NC. Perhaps I'l be able to post a few road trip photos from my iPad. I'm going to check into getting a new 7+ before we leave and if so, you'll find out if I'm impressed or not.
It's been a long time since I had an image featured on Instagram. I was getting a bit discouraged and I realized how unstimulating some of my work had become. Or I should say uncreative. But then with the artsy stuff I do, I don't know what hashtags to use to get it noticed. Well, this finally got a feature today by @Illustrious_Art.
Since it is pumpkin season I have been going nuts with edits. I love the fall colors and I've been doing some still life set ups. I can reach a much bigger crowd with that style anyway. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. Although a lot of the still life people don't go for the texture anymore. 

I did several versions of this edit in Stackables. The reason I chose this one besides the fact that I like it was because of the teal coloring. Anything turquoise gets more likes (unless it's pink.) Here is the formula in case you would care to use it. ( pumpkins2016 ) Check out the instructions at the end of this post for adding formulas to your Stackables app.
Be forewarned... the background on this photo was black/dark gray.

Here are a few other versions with some of my formulas.

I'm one person away from reaching 1000 followers on Instagram and I may just have to celebrate with a little give away after vacation.
Hope you'll be having some great Mobile Art Mondays the rest of this year.


  1. If you get down to Florida, I would love to meet you. We live in Palm Coast. How fabulous that your are getting so many hits on Instagram. Love to You. Sally

  2. I love your photos and I know what you mean about still lifes and textures. The popular look seems to be sharp and clear with just a little filtering and not so much textures. I like both looks, but I love the romance of the textures. I suppose styles change . . . I live on the outskirts of Asheville. Hope you enjoy your visit here!

  3. Good for you to keep going with Instagram and your mobile art. I have fallen out of love. Have a great trip.

  4. I'm amazed you were even able to pick just one you liked best, they are all great. Safe travels.

  5. Love your photos and your blog. Enjoy your road trip and Asheville. Hope you make it to the Biltmore House. Lots of photo ops. We are about 2 hrs from there.

  6. Don't be discouraged please! Keep up the good work and have fun! I love your work!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!