Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vintage Playground

Vacations to my home state of N. Dak. always come with mixed emotions. 
As we drove through this little town's park I spied a 'slippery slide'! "Oh! Blake!" I cried. "I have to take its picture." Then I knew I had to climb it, so I gave him my phone with a few instructions. I hadn't seen one of these since graduating high school. 

It felt stable and I believed I could fit under the bar even though I wasn't planning on going down it.

So..... Why not, it looked clean enough but it sure wasn't very slippery. 

The park also had one of these fabulous merri-go-rounds. 

I had to give it a twirl and hubby humored me. 

We made the trip home this year by RV instead of car or plane. It took an extra day coming but we're taking several extra days going back so we can actually have some vacation time of our own. One of my nephews got married and it was the perfect time of year for going home. 


  1. The slide and merry-go-round really takes me 'home' again too.

  2. Fond memories of playing on those same type of fun slides and merry-go-round.

  3. I love finding those old pieces. Blake did a good job on the captures. I always loved slides, the merry-go-rounds are another story, although I love photographing them.

  4. Gosh, I remember those slides and merry-go-rounds -- ones exactly like those -- from when I was in grade school, such a long time ago that I'm surprised they still exist. That's classic design in action! It was fun seeing you having fun on them.


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