Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our RV Movie Experience

You don't even want to know how the wind caught our 20' awning on the first day of our 2 week vacation going 65 mph down the highway right outside of Dodge City through the central plains. To make a long story short… 
Standing at each end of the awning with our arms in the air, we both try to hold the support poles stead in 30 MPH wind staring at each other dumbfounded. It had uncoiled about three feet and appeared locked in that position. Tension builds (in each of us). Duct tape for a few miles. Well maybe 2 miles. Then more duct tape. We find a building in town to block the wind. Climbing the short ladder an attempt is made to get it to recoil. Not budging. The tall ladder is drug out and he climbs up to the top. I follow intrepidly. It's now obvious the whole thing is bent out on one end by 2'. I say let's just cut it off. We do it without a second thought. We disassemble as much as possible. Lucky for us it's Labor Day and no one is around to see us leave that 20' monster beside a nearby dumpster.
Thus, our first 'RV movie' experience.

If my phone had been in my pocket, I would have sneakily set it on mute, grabbed a few shots of the 'trash' so as not to aggravate an already agitated man. But all that remains are a few bolts that were in my pocket from an attempt to dismantle it from the top.
This was our first 'real' trip in this 'bus'. We previously had a few overnighters in the church parking lot where hubby's folks live and a 2 nighter in Amarillo. This wasn't a great way to start a 2 week trip across the country. We really didn't need that awning anyway and we were fortunate it did no damage.


  1. Oh my! I am happy to hear your rig wasn't damaged by the bent frame. Please post about the rest of RV vacation.

  2. Awnings are worthless! We had ours blow up and over our camper. Also on a trip to Colorado for 10 days, our car got hit by a piece of particle board on the highway - smashed the antenna, and a headlight. Mallory had the flu most of the trip. It was the trip from hell. Everybody has one.


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