Monday, June 20, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No.46, iColorama Recipe

I found that an image with some texture works best for this recipe as I experimented on different photos. For example, NOT an image with a lot of plain blue sky. Although on the one I attempted from my garden ended up in Stackables for some more editing and turned out pretty cool.

My initial edits were done in Snapseed for basic adjustments, plus I boosted the Structure for more grittiness and crispness. You can do this in iColorama also under the Adjust Menu. Do your basic adjustments, clicking APPLY after each, then for the extra clarity Adjust>HDR>Preset 2/8, Opacity .30. Check APPLY.

Sunflowers on Chair Recipe

Load your photo if you haven't already done so.

original (edited in Snapseed)

1. Style> Edges> Preset 1/19 Overlay, Size .55. DO NOT APPLY, SAVE THIS OUTLINE VERSION TO CAMERA ROLL.

2. Style> Simplify> Preset 12/17, Opacity .74. APPLY

Style> Sketch> Preset 12/12, Opacity .44. APPLY

Now we want to add our outline version to blend in over the previous.
Effects> Blend> click Photo at the bottom right corner. Choose your outline version from your camera roll. 

It's loaded.

Preset Overlay, Opacity .40. APPLY

You may like the tone of your photo just fine but I decided to change mine.
Adjust> Tonelab> preset 8/14, Lightness .40, Opacity .75 (choose one that works for your photo)

iColorama has a history panel of sorts. So if you accidently hit Apply in step no. 2... 
In the upper left corner click on Steps and choose the step before it. Then you can proceed.

Here are two more edits I did with perhaps a few variations.

Have a great Mobile Art Monday!


  1. Gorgeous! I always love your tutorials and iColorama is so vast. I am always learning something.

  2. Agree with Sarah, you are just amazing.

  3. Thank you for this tutorial! I love learning more about iColorama!


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