Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love my iPad Pro!

Sarah asked how I liked my new iPad Pro, the large one. So I thought I'd write a bit about it.
I actually love ‘working’ on my new Pro. Seeing is much better especially if you’re scrutinizing your work for print. 
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the Pencil. Totally.
Now the only thing I’m not thrilled about is the cumbersome size for toting around. Which I don’t do often, but the old one went everywhere with me. (Which is for sale.)

I’m trying to get the courage up to go buy a ‘tiny’ purse. Yeah, like I think I can survive with that. I know what will end up happening… I’ll get a tote bag of sorts that the iPad will fit in along with my extra personal belongings and end up sticking the tiny purse inside. I seriously need to get a smaller purse though. My back is bothering too much.

I inherited my hubby’s iPad mini that has a crack in the corner but I leave it at work for appointment scheduling and swiping credit cards. It has no cellular data plan so it doesn’t do much good to tote around. Perhaps I should switch my data plan from my Pro to the mini. Then I’d be tempted to edit on the mini more (on the run) and that would be going backwards. Besides, it already drives me crazy having stuff on a desktop and laptop and now I’ll spread it around on 2 iPads? 

Do you see my hair getting thinner? And grayer?

By the way, here is a great case my friend Kathy turned me on to. Mostly because of the pencil holder, and the price is quite right.  Which brings up another thing about that pencil. No-one told me you had to charge it which could be a problem sometimes. It comes with an adapter that you plug into your iPad charger. My question is where am I supposed to keep it and not loose the darn thing? It is very small. So far it's staying at the house but I may need to invent something that attaches to that case. Here's another thing you need to know.... How do you tell how much charge the battery has in that pencil? Swipe down from the top to reveal the notifications and it will show there. I hope on the next update they will add it to the menu bar like the other battery. No reason they can't. (Well I guess I don't really know that do I?)

And while you're at it this is nice to have too. A nifty little jump drive that can plug into your iPad or computer.
And don't forget the pencil!

Hope your summer is going well. It hit 100º yesterday and I'm already picking giant squash.


  1. Perfect review of it. I am guessing you like the pencil :) Things to ponder...

  2. You can charge the pencil by inserting it in the Lightning connector slot right on the iPad Pro. No connector needed. :)

  3. I wasn't sure whether it would be worth upgrading my iPad Air 2, but I am so glad I did now. The pencil makes a huge difference for anything creative, and even just for taking notes and so on. I also really noticed a difference with the colours - they seem both brighter and more subtle, if that makes sense.


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