Sunday, May 8, 2016

February Review in May

Still cleaning out my Lightroom catalog...
I took very few photos in February (Canon photos, that is.) In fact the final count was a whole 19. And I'm not counting the grandkids...

These soft pink stocks were so fragrant and heavenly I couldn't resist the purchase.

I love the old fashioned antique feel of these edits.

Most of these were done with presets by Pretty Presets.
Of course I always shoot some with my phone...
They were as beautiful when they ran out of water as they were before.

Artista Impresso (more on this app later...)


  1. You are such a wiz with your edits, just so darn creative each one. I couldn't even begin to say which one I like more, all are just awesome.

  2. I love pretty presets. These are beauties.


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