Monday, April 4, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 42

More ranunculus and a simple quick note on a few edits. 

Snapseed for these first two.
After a few tweaks in the Tune Image section, I used the Retrolux filter for this. I just shuffled through until I found one I liked and then made a few adjustments. I saved this version but then went on to further edit it.

I thought black and white might be too boring but I tried the second Noir filter and just loved this.

This was the original including the first tweaking edits. I saved it, giving Snapseed permission to modify it later. When you do that your original is no longer in your camera roll. And it saves a .AAE file much like Camera Raw does when you edit with it. You won't even notice it until you save your photos to the computer.

Here are the edits from my Canon shot I said I would post today. These were edited in Stackables.

They would look good with some text on them....

And a few others. Brushstroke and Stackables.

Hope you've had a great Mobile Art Monday.

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