Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer at the Garden and Art Center No. 2

The Cosmos has become one of my all time favorite flowers. It may have replaced the sunflower as number one on my list. 
It's petals have such defined crisp lines. 

It can be quite stately if you catch it by itself.

And quite dramatic.

It will dress in orange if invited to a party.

I love it's messy chaos which represents freedom and grace to me.

I think the main reason I love these flowers so much is that I can identify with them. From the feelings of messy chaos to the stately elegance. Sounds like a perfect package.


  1. They would be one of my favorites as well. You are the ultimate flower photographer.

  2. oh wow,,,,, each pic is special,,,,, Cosmos are one of my favourites too,,,

  3. I'm finding a fondness for cosmos, too, and in fact, we're trying to figure out a way to work them into our garden next year. They're best planted in a big group. These are lovely and make me more determined than ever to have cosmos in our garden.

  4. They are just so beautiful Roxi! I love them for their whimsicalness in the breeze, and their long stems. I regret I forgot to plant some this year. I love your beautiful photos above...such a summery feel, especially with the nice Texas sunshine on them.


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