Sunday, July 19, 2015

Celebrating Family

After moving 100 miles south of my family 30+ years ago... I don't get to see them very often. And sadly it takes me forever to get around to processing my photos from each trip. This year was a bust as far as my photography expectations where. The weather didn't co-operate, rainy cold, in fact it had been so rainy previously that some of the roads I wanted to explore were too muddy or rutted. So I didn't get to capture the barns and scenery I was hoping for.
The main reason for this trip however was to celebrate my dad and step-mom's 80th birthdays. (One in April and the other in October) It was good that most of the family able to come. Marilyn volunteered to do it in their garage and screened in porch so we came early to help with preparations. After everything was over and I was in bed it dawned on me that I didn't get one photo of them together that day. In fact I didn't even see the cake until someone brought me a piece. Where was my head? Helping dish up food I guess. I got some before pics which only I would treasure such as these too.

I stopped working long enough to play a couple games. (I actually beat him... and I know he didn't let me, he's far too competitive.)

 This gun was discussed for quite some time by the boys.

Two boys with their "pops".

She looks pretty darn good for nearly 80!

All previous photos were with the iPhone. The rest taken with my Canon 7D. All were processed with Nicole Young's presets at Craft and Vision, found here.

There were lots of great-grand kids around.
AJ and his siblings with fresh summer haircuts.

Rueben eats his first ice-cream bar.

My eldest brother and his first grandchild. (I have 3 more.) That's another thing that got by me. I should have had someone do a family photo of us siblings. It's been 5 years since the last. Good grief!

I did find lots of peonies blooming at the cemetery however.

It was hard to find any that weren't covered in bugs.

In spite of the pitfalls, the party was a great success and that day the weather was perfect. Hurray for family!
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  1. I'm sorry you didn't get the photos you wanted, but it sounds like you were very involved in the moment, and you'll always have those memories, anyway. I hope I'm as active and healthy as your folks seem to be when I'm 80!

  2. It is wonderful you got to spend time with your family. It is hard when you move so far away.

  3. What a delight to gather for a family event. My dad is 80 also. We had a family reunion at the end of June, and like you I didn't take many photos, but we did get a group photo of the siblings and then the cousins. Some of my cousins I haven't see in 30 years.

  4. I so love this type of photography maybe it is because I am almost as old as these beautiful relatives. She sure does look wonderful for 80. And those peonies goodness me......Such cute kids also.

  5. Such a beautiful heartfelt post, Roxi ... I totally understand you not getting the photos you wanted ... we can only do so much - someone should have grabbed your camera whilst you were cooking ;) Thank you for linking up and sharing today!


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