Thursday, May 28, 2015

The End of 59

Today is the last day that I'll be 59. Tomorrow I cross over into old lady-hood. Sometimes there's a part inside me that screams with agony about getting old. Other times I feel a gracefulness and peace about it. 
Last month when I colored my hair I just did lowlights rather than covering all the white (which is closely approaching 100%).
This girl has the capability of enhancing both these extremes. "Sit here. Come, get under here." Sorry, the body can't do that as easily anymore. On the other hand, she helps me get into 'play' mode which, as an adult, is hard for this serious old coot to do most of the time.

We went to the Garden and Art Center for our yearly photo shoot. Spent most of the time in the shade rather than the flowers battling mosquitoes. But that will be for another day.
I think I will celebrate today perhaps more than tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Roxi, and welcome to the club ! Mine was in February ;) I gradually grew my hair out too, I'm so happy I don't have to worry about coloring now , hope you find the same :)

  2. I'm turning 58 this summer. Sixty is the new forty right?

  3. You look FABULOUS! Hope you had a special day.

  4. Popping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Roxi!! 60 isn't all that bad ... sure, we'd all rather look younger but you do get get used to it ... sorta ;) that said - personally I've never felt more creative or inspired in my entire life and I focus on that! I'm letting my hair go gray but it isn't going gray fast enough ... it's kinda mousy gray ...

  5. Late to the party here, but couldn't let it go without a comment! First, you're only one day older on your birthday than you were the day before, so don't let the number get to you. Second, I passed that decade marker a long time ago and in fact am fast closing in on the next one, and don't feel I've passed into "old lady-hood" yet. I choose not to -- except when it's to my advantage, of course. :-) Third, you look gorgeous!!! And finally, happy happy belated birthday. I hope you have a fabulous year.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!