Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On Being Still

Stillness can be a hard thing for me. I struggle with the conflict in my mind of it being mistaken as laziness. Performance has apparently been an issue in my childhood and I'm sure many of you have had that monkey placed on your back also. Hubby deals with it too so it's been hard to rid that animal from my life. 
So in all fairness I'll just say I flunked that part of the course.... well maybe I'll give myself a C-. I have gotten better and sure don't feel guilty about taking time for myself these days. I just don't let anyone catch me at it.
I'm referring to Kim's Be Still 52 year long course on finding stillness in life and photography and still life shots. It's been a great and amazing ride. We were asked to review our photos and choose a favorite. I've been quite drawn to my darker, moodier images.

This one is actually on canvas and hanging at work. (Actually the previous one is too, I just forgot!)

But I'll have to say that this is my favorite from last year. Sunflower could be my middle name and right now I'm thinking of going back and using some of Kim's new presets on last year's sunflower photos. (My brain is spinning...)


  1. You have immersed yourself in stillness and conveyed it to your viewers! Such a great selection!

  2. Each and every ones is a work of art!

  3. Such beauties! I too try not to let anyone see me taking time for myself and I realize that that is just wrong! Good luck on finding more stillness!


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