Friday, May 22, 2015

Finding Space

I must be weird. I'm getting a thrill out of cleaning and throwing out. What probably makes it more thrilling than normal is that I'm gaining valuable space for what is important to me. My photography and still life set ups. 
For the second time this year I'm 'reorganizing' my home studio (formerly sewing room). I'm reclaiming the closet. The fabric and other stuff is moving out. The problem was where to put it. 
The last time I did a major reorganization was a year and a half ago and that time half the fabric and sewing stuff got moved to the other spare bedroom so there is no more room there. The only other closet available was the master. As I looked around at what was piled on the selves I got real excited. It didn't take long and there was a huge trash bag full of things that I couldn't part with earlier. Another huge bag is currently in the car waiting for drop off at Good Will.

I have more empty space on the opposite wall now too. Yippee!

Don't you think I need it? That tiny corner on the right is my 'shooting space' Only side light unless I do some finagling. And I want to reclaim the north window light covered by my backdrops.

All books are going in the closet which has only one tiny rod. I had all built in shelves for fabric when we moved in. (I'd love to move the sewing cabinet to the basement.)

Don't be in a big hurry to see the after. My afters seem to take quite awhile because of creative interruptions before they're finished.

My other finds this week include awesome wildflowers. We've not received this much rain in decades and species are showing up that I've never seen and they are showing up in massive quantities. Here's just one sample. Bee balm.

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  1. Wow the bee balm is gorgeous ! Good luck with the organizing, as I'm currently packing to move house, a lot of "stuff" has been either thrown out or given to Goodwill , so I'm with you !

  2. Love to see other people's rooms/studios! You've produced so many great images from here!

  3. That bee balm is gorgeous! It has to be in huge bunches to be pretty, I think. And, the cleaning and purging. Yup. Been there, done that. Just this past winter, in fact. But when you're all said and done, it's good for the soul, don't you think?

  4. Good for you! I want and need to do the same but can't seem to get moving. The bee balm is amazing! I've never seen it in that color before, only red.

  5. I need to do a reno. in my art/craft room too. Now that Mallory is home, we both need creative space, this will be one of this summer's projects.

  6. I am purging, purging, purging my house as well. For different reasons, but they still come with the same outcome a new space to have for photography. We are about to have a large garage sale, and then I get to move on to turning our homeschool room into a photography room, woohoo!


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