Monday, May 11, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 18

One morning these words came out of the blue as I opened my blinds at work. I jotted them down and a few days later this photo was begging for them.

A few tweaks in Snapseed, Tune and Tonal Contrast.

Several layers from Overlay, Grunge, Leaks and Light paint in Pixlr set at very low opacity.

In iColorama I chose Effects> Glow> 3 and reduced the opacity.

In Word Swag I typed my message and played with the different options until finding the one I wanted.

This was my first attempt at Word Swag. I thought it was a pricey app but in looking at a few examples on Instagram of some very creative people...    I'm glad I bought it.

How is your Monday going? How about letting the day in?


  1. Thanks for the post. I will get word swag as I am going to be doing some post cards. You are so good about showing your apps.

  2. Beautiful edit and composition!

  3. I love this! The perkiness of it, just wonderful.

  4. The title is perfect for your image. Love the edit.

  5. How did I miss this one? It's gorgeous and I love it!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!