Monday, April 27, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 16 Double Exposures

I took a fabulous class last week from Vivienne McMaster on double exposures. The app I used most for mine was Diana Photo App. (iPhone and Android) 
This edit was my first attempt. I actually captured the photos in the app camera rather than choosing from my camera roll. This perfectly portrays my mornings at my computer with coffee, iPad and the wrapper of my gluten free bar. It's a classic.

Diana has a random button that can give some interesting results or at least starting points. One of the best features to me is if you like one of the photos and just want the other to randomize… hold down on the one you want to keep until a lock shows and the other photo will then be changed when you click the dice. That's how I ended up with so many versions with the photo of me walking away by the tree. 

When I came across this sunflower and saw how it framed me perfectly I tried all the filters and ended up liking a lot of them. To change filters, just swipe to the left or right, or press on the screen until the filter menu comes up and pick the one you want. (You can't see what you're getting but after you've used the app a lot you'll know which ones do what.) 

I love how the top looked on this one so thought I'd crop it. I may do some more editing to it…(who ever knows when to quit right?) Many of you know what a sunflower freak I am so this may be my summer avatar.

Although the class wasn't about self-portraiture, I took this opportunity for some selfie edits because I hadn't done any in awhile.

I thought this one seemed a little creepy but I liked the color.

A couple of my granddaughter...

I couldn't have found a more perfect shot go with the binocular photo. Those binoculars are so heavy she almost falls over every time she looks straight up. 

And a few others. 

I just realized why I'm so captivated by double exposures… They have an element of fantasy about them. (You know I like to live in La-La Land right?)
Right now I'm wishing I'd done my 100 Days Project with double exposures. They are just too much fun! I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them from me in the future.


  1. These are completely AWESOME Roxi!! I've enjoyed so much see a few of my friends making double's. Now I want to learn how...maybe later this summer. I like how you describe them as being like fantasy! They are so fun...not so serious as a regular photo. Hope to see more of yours.

  2. I am thinking a second 100 days after the first one is done. Love the one with your granddaughter and the binoculars. So many fun options.

  3. yes, I've been captivated by the Diana app as many possibilities!

  4. These are all SO incredible Roxi! I'm so glad that you joined in and I bet it would be an awesome plan for a future 100 days project...its the kind of thing that as long as we have new images to try double exposing with it feels endlessly exciting!

    That one of your granddaughter and the binoculars is truly extraordinary!

    I'm so glad you were part of the class Roxi!

  5. These are so wonderful! And I can tell it was a lot of fun for you. That might be the best part! I've got to check out the Diana App but I just know it will be addictive.

  6. I loved that class, too, and the Diana app is so much fun. I'm still playing and having a great time. I love your sunflower double, the one you cropped. It looks like an illustration from a book I'd really like to read!

  7. I have to check out the Diana App too..Awesome pics :-)

  8. Those photo's of your granddaughter are so much fun and really nice...your work is wonderful and way beyond what I can do...I do appreciate seeing them and marvel at the talent...

  9. You are just brilliant at you phone apps. Love your art. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  10. I love the whimsical and colorful way you approach editing. I can almost feel the freedom of your spirit and the way the whole wide world is open to you - for your art - in any way. I look to you as an example of how I might expand my own way of working with photographs!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!