Friday, April 24, 2015

Adventure with the Velvet 56

This week I found a fun lens in my friend's camera bag! It is the new Lensbaby Velvet 56. (I must admit I love the name.) She loaned it to me for a few days and here is what I found through this lens in my garden.
The only thing that is an issue with me is that this is a manual focus lens. It's very hard for me to see that detail and I tend to get eye strain in the process.
All these photos are unedited except on a few I did a little exposure boost (noted). Otherwise, no crop or anything because I wanted you to see what the lens actually did.

I love that dreamy look but this shot was one of my favorites.

There are 7 aperture settings from 1.6 to 16. The three apertures 1.6, 2 and 2.8 give you the ethereal dreamy look. The distance settings range from 5" to infinity.
Here are my daisies beginning with 1.6 aperture.

Another of my favorites!

(slight exposure boost)

(slight exposure boost)

This morning was so windy I did a little experiment inside. The aperture on this dried flower was set at 2.8 and I just adjusted the distance setting and moved a bit to get the different looks.

It was cool to play with but my pocket book has another lens on it's priority list. I did manage a few shots of my grand daughter, even though she doesn't stand still, that I'll post this weekend.
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Lucky you to be able to borrow that sweet lens- I love the softness in the open aperture- and the crispness when it's stopped down- very cool! Beautiful flower images!

  2. You did a fabulous job with this lens! I'll confess, I'm not drawn to using Lensbaby lenses but from what I've seen of this one, it might be the one to tempt me ... some day. Maybe.

  3. I love those last images. I always love the imperfect.

  4. I am with Melinda, love the aperture break down also, and so fun to see without edits. Oh goodness those iris are just too die for.

  5. Lovely softness and the natural tones are just gorgeous! And thank you for showing the effect the different aperture settings have.

  6. Perfect pics! Whats your camera? Canon 1Ds / 1Ds MkII / 5D and Kodak DCS 14n are the most common full-frame sensors. Canon, as the 300D / 350D / 10D / 20D, all use the crop factor of 1.6, while the cameras Nikon, such as the D70 (s) / D100 used crop factor of 1.5. In the diagram there is no crop factor of 1.3, which is used in the 1D series cameras Canon. And some useful soft


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