Monday, March 2, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 9

iColorama can be an overwhelming app at first glance. And second glance for that matter. In the end I picked a couple of my edits, Repix'ed one and layered it with other versions in Superimpose. Then I added texture, snow and darkening in Stackables.

To make my iColorama edits I decided to play around in the Effects Tab.
I didn't take any screen shots or keep track of my steps, but these are some of the versions I saved while playing.

I was able to add the extra 'lines' to the top of the photo by going to Style>Edges and choosing a preset for a black and white sketch. I saved this to my camera roll. I then layered it over one of the versions using Superimpose with the blend mode set to darken.

That is how Mr. Frosty was made. He did get a few more tweaks under some of the other styles to give him a painterly quality.

Unfortunately he looks a bit dirty. I think I'll brighten him up a bit then post him on Instagram.
Give iColorama a try. For being a free app, it is so packed with stuff you really wouldn't need another once you've mastered it. But hey, you can't just eat one potato chip right?


  1. Great edits! I love icolorama but it takes ages to get used to it and difficult to remember all the steps!

  2. I love that first edit....and thanks for taking us through the process. I have Icolorama but definitely have not mastered it....

  3. Your editing blows me away. This is totally awesome.


  4. Great post on iColorama. I am hit or miss with that one.


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