Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Texture Tuesday December 16

Last week on Into Mind's blog post on "Ten Ways to De-stress your Day Hour by Hour", she made this statement...
"In today’s goal-oriented culture it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of always chasing something, always preparing for some time in the future. As if everything we do is only a means to an end and not real life yet."
This makes me really think about whether to spend the time it'll take to move my blog to Wordpress and redo everything. This almost makes me want to throw all my goals out the window and just 'play'. That's pretty much what I've always done anyway. I'm not really a seaker of fame and fortune, or am I? Doesn't everyone deep down want recognition and a pat on the back? Sure we do! But that really seems so shallow in the bigger scheme of things. 
So what's a girl to do? If I look at my list of goals as 'play', that could work but I'd have to know it'll take me ten times longer to reach them. And if that's what it takes to have a stress free life and enjoy what I 'play' at, well so be it. (I'll always reserve the right to change my mind, you know. That is crucial to my existence.)

It's Texture Tuesday at Kim's. kk_reentry and kk_hughes. 

This was one of those, 'who would ever notice and take a photo of this' times. This is a chocolate mint plant that is hibernating in the garage. We have two windows on the north side so it gets good light. One evening I was out in the yard and glanced up to see the sun streaming through the open garage doors on that plant and out through the window toward me in the yard.  It was a dreamy sight and took my breath away. Part of the dreaminess was because of the dirty window. I figured what do I have to lose by taking a shot? Perhaps I should shoot through my dirty windows more often.

I finally had a chance to work on the last Be Still lesson. One of my favorites...

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  1. Such contrasting shots but both wonderful!

  2. Beautiful shots- both! I love your take on the Be Still lesson- that would make a cute card! But it is your first one that especially draws me in- love the light and haze. And your words- thought provoking.

    1. Just so you know, the above is from me- it picked up my old ID I think.

  3. the light through the mint is gorgeous and love, love the bear and chair and Santa hat!

  4. Your mint image is so bright and dreamy - love the golden light. And your chair image is so sweet - love that cute stuffed bear.

  5. Love the chair photo, so cute and the light on the mint......stunning ! ( Chocolate mint sounds rather intriguing ! )

  6. Both are wonderful. I switched from Blogger to WordPress. But, now I am not sure why. I enjoyed using Blogger. Keep an open mind . . . and yes, you can change it when you want.

  7. The light is so beautiful coming through your "dirty" window! LOL Merry Christmas.

  8. I really like your little Santa image. Too cute!

  9. I still think you are the right track for your goals, you just need to keep narrowing them down little by little and that is where your play comes into being. Play with one thing at a time and follow the ones that fill your heart.

  10. Love your chocolate mint shot, Roxi! and the story behind it even more. You never know how a shot may turn out - you never know till you take it :) Blessings!

  11. Oh, the santa hat on the chair. PERFECT.

  12. Dirty windows can make for some great textures!


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