Thursday, December 18, 2014

Friday Finds December 19

It's Friday Finds again! This week my best ever find was a bundle of greens at the florist.
I've said for years, "This year I will make something with real greens." (It almost didn't happen this time either as I saw them sitting in water on the patio for days while I kept forgetting to get a few things I needed for the job.)
I found this photo in Martha Stewart's magazine this month and thought, 'hmmmm, I should try that'.
 The vase I used for my fall branches would get another work out. Late last night I started putting it together.

As I stood this morning admiring it, the smell just took me to heaven! I wanted to stay home from work and just inhale!

I decided it was too flat on top and I need bigger ornaments and more red ones. (Another thing to add to my ever growing list. Cross one off, add two.)

So I'll be redoing it tonight and try to decide if I want to add the 'snow' or not. (I'll show the finished product later.)
I only had time for some iPhone shots this morning, edited in VSCOcam.

Yes, I realize it's a bit late for getting the decorating done, but you've got to live with what life dishes out. Has your life been thrown any curves during this holiday season?

Come on over to Kim's blog today and see what kind of great goodies everyone has found/discovered this week...
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  1. Lovely arrangement! Well done. Merry Christmas!

  2. hello lovely.... adore your greens... I had the best intentions this year to make a for real wreath... but I'm afraid it didn't happen....
    Well done lovely... it's beautiful....

    sending you love and wishes for peace and love this holiday season. xo

  3. Admire your determination to get things done! I'm afraid I'm down to the bare minimum

  4. Well, Roxi, I think you've done well but I'll be curious to see if/how you tweak your creation. And I need to get my backside out the door and find some greenery. You've given me the nudge I've needed. Merry Christmas. And enjoy that new grandbaby.

  5. Lovely work. I bought a bundle of greens this year as well. My big idea of decorating was to stick red berries in them, but you have me rethinking what I did.

  6. Lovely arrangement, I always say I'll make a wreath or some such at Christmas time, but I never do. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with your arrangement !

  7. Beautiful greens with the pop and red and rich textures to top it off! Lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Your greens are really pretty - green and red are my fav Christmas colors as well :)
    Enjoy your weekend, Roxi!

  9. Beautiful arrangement Roxi! I got so far as buying greens and managed a few photos, but that is as far as I made it this year. Seems like Christmas came too soon this year. Have a great Christmas!!

  10. Roxi, I totally agree...the scent of fresh greens is heavenly. I love the design you settled on and look forward to seeing if you changed it or not. You may just find that you love it just as is.. Merry Christmas...

  11. I close my eyes and smell the lovely fragrance of your greens!!! No need to tell anyone it is Christmas decorating - maybe you are setting up the house for January!!!

  12. Wow, that is just beautiful Roxi!! Enjoy the winter fragrance!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!