Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Texture Tuesday Dec 2

I want to thank everyone that's offer support and encouraging words while I was in such an emotional funk the past couple weeks. I don't usually reply to comments because you wouldn't receive a notice that I had replied. So this is it. A heartfelt thank you. I'm firmly back in the rat race of life forging ahead.
It's Texture Tuesday at Kim's blog. Processed in Stackables then taken into Superimpose and added 3 of Kim's textures I have stored on my iPad.

My life has been filled with crazy goodness this past week.
The clothes washer broke down and after realizing it was 10 years old, we went shopping on Thanksgiving at 6:30. (I can't believe stores were opening then but I was tremendously glad for the huge discounts. Now it couldn't get delivered until the following Thursday. Remodel time.

As I began painting, I secretly prayed for a floor too. You see this is not the time of year to even be buying a washer and dryer let alone get a new floor. Our business is seasonal and December is usually slim-pickin's. Well…. I'd posted our fiasco on FB as it unfolded, and when I put up this photo I included these words. "Broken washer leads to redecorating. Wish we had time to replace the floor before Thursday's delivery. I think I'll believe for a miracle."
Sure enough hubby saw it and figured yes, we should just do it. Yippieeeee!!!!!
I already knew what I wanted. Unfortuately it will take 2 weeks before it will be in stock and installed.
Now I can agonize over what color to paint.
I had decided on a light soft amber-y yellow. Then I decided to just paint it all white. Now after seeing the sample of that luscious floor…. I'm back to yellow again or not so yellow but different. Time is on my side no matter how many colors I try. 
No turning back now. It feels good to do a little demolition. (Although my back and legs are darn sore.)
Christmas decorating will just get done when I get around to it. (my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter willingly helped decorate the lower portion of the tree yesterday. She blew me away. She started singing Jingle Bells when she found one that jingled and recognized a Santa Claus ornament right away and called him by name.
In the mean time, for December I'll be posting some of my favorite mobile edits of 2014.
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  1. First off you and your GD just made me chuckle with her and your singing. So love to hear stories like that. Your top image is just WOW love your iPhone edits so much. Congrats on the remodel and can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. The story about your grand daughter made me smile! Love your sweet gum ball image. Stunning really. Good luck with your remodel. Will be excited to see the end result. Have fun!

  3. Well, I'm glad you've made lemonade with the lemons that life gave you and wish you the best of luck as you finish up this project. And, yes ... grandkids keep us rooted. We need that.

  4. I, too, love the story about your grand daughter - so cute! It's funny how our household projects start out small and seem to grow bigger the more we think about them! Love your from above image too!

  5. best of luck with the floor and the painting...hoping to get new flooring myself in the back hallway after the first of the year. Love your new header...and the gumball photo!

  6. I hear you. We had to replace the radiator on our car, then our hot water heater of 15 years, and the kitchen faucet. I wish I could have worked in a new kitchen floor, too! Truly, it's a joy to read your story - and know that we are all more alike than different. Love that your little granddaughter pitched right in to help. Your image of the sweet gum balls is a lovely reminder that little things really do matter.

  7. Beautiful image and good luck with the remodel.

  8. Welcome Back, Roxi! A little exterior renovation to go along with the interior you've been working on the last few weeks. All for the better! I love that image up top --- I once had an ovarian cyst and imagined it just like one of those seed pods -- at least that's how it felt! I do like how you have them spilling out of the bag like jewels. ;-) -- Michele at Sweet Leaf

  9. Happy decorating, Roxi. I love your still life with the beautiful linen and those seed pods. My husband says they called them "itchy balls" when they were kids. I don't think of them as itchy. They hurt if you step on them in your bare feel!!

  10. Lovely to see some good coming out of an unfortunate situation. Glad you are back in the groove as well.

  11. Crazy Goodness....I like that description! And there's nothing like good old-fashioned demolition to clear the head! Now that you have a major project, perhaps the funk will remain at a distance. :-)

  12. It's fun to redecorate (not so fun when something breaks though!). Love your seed pods photo too.
    And Christmas is always more fun when you have a helper when decorating!

  13. So glad you're "back", even with all the expense and stress of your washer breaking down ! We had family down from Michigan for Thanksgiving, and our 2 and a half year old granddaughter helped to decorate the tree too...while singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star ! So I had to smile at your description of your little one !

  14. Wonderful photo. The colors are fabulous . . . all the wonderful textures of the seedpods, bag, tablecloth, and leaf. Just beautiful.


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