Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mobile Edit Favorites of 2014 -1

It's App Happy Wednesday over at Keeping With The Times and I'm Barb's guest host today! So come over and check out what everyone's been doing with their mobile editing.
My goal for this month is to keep it simple but get some work done in the process. I like to sort through my mobile edits at the end of the year since they don't seem to get much attention after loading into Lightroom (such as key wording, flagging etc.) So this month will be scattered with some of my favorite edits of the year.
I have big plans for doing more tutorials next year and I'm excited about that.
Here are my top 5 from earlier this year. All are very different in style.

DistressedFx, Snapseed

Picfx, iColorama, Decosketch, Snapseed

Mextures, Pixelinout, Image Blender

Pixelinout, Fragment, Rhonna Designs
Come check out App Happy Wednesday, the first Wednesday of each month.
Keeping With The Times


  1. GREAT images! I like the dried sunflower = )

  2. Oh, these are simply stunning! I so love your work with apps - I'm in awe, actually. I'm going to download Stackables today - but how do you compare it with PS Touch? Is it more than just the ability to stack layers? Thank you so much for guest posting today - I so appreciate it and love showing off your work! Have a wonderful day, Roxi.

    1. Thanks Barb, in comparison to PS Touch, everything is 'in app' all the textures, filters, adjustments, nothing can be added from outside the app. I did a tutorial on another website, perhaps I should post it on my own blog too.

  3. You just never disappoint in my excitement for mobile art. Love the abstracts so good.....Yes please post the tutorial on Stackables. I have the app and love it but sure I am not using it to the Roxi method of greatness.

  4. How cool are these!! I am behind the times with regards to editing apps--I would love to learn about Stackables so a tutorial would be great!

  5. Oh, so great, Roxi! Beautiful art. And I enjoyed your guest spot at App Happy today, too!


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