Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pier Fishing at Orange Beach

Our first place to explore while in Alabama was the longest pier on the Gulf Coast, the Alabama State Fishing Pier in Gulf Shores. It's only 5 years old and 1540 ft. long.

It was a blustery day as seen by these waves.

But that didn't stop the fishermen.

Mostly old guys, but not all. I found some to be interestingly dressed.

Quite a few fish were caught that day but I didn't see any very large ones.

We had the privilege of hanging out by one of the fisherman that liked to talk, so my hubby got a lot of information from him while I caught the action. There was a 4 foot shark in the water that day too but I only caught a brief glimpse of it.

I had on my long lens so it was easy to get some close ups.

Not that you want to see the bloody mess, but hey, that's fishing.

This is Sam, the resident pelican. He doesn't have to follow the rules. He will be the guest star on my next post.

This was a great place to hang out, the weather wasn't too chilly (of course I had on my long johns) and I was surprised there were as many people on the beach for a November day. I could have hung around all day and listened to the waves.


  1. Those fishermen are intrepid, aren't they? Great photos but my favorites are the ones of the surf.

  2. I love that pelican on the rail - too cute!

  3. I don't think anything stops fishermen! I love that shot of the fisherman with the two birds on the railing. They seem totally unconcerned by his proximity to them.

  4. Beautiful captures of the fishermen!! Well, obviously, Sam has stolen the show by Not obeying the rules! :-)


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