Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Finds at the Gulf Coast Arts Festival

It's Friday Finds and I found the best Arts Festival in the country.
I toured a cool old house in Mobile Alabama last week and met a lady that tipped me off that the best arts festival in the southeast was happening in Pensacola the very next day. I still had another day and half to myself and I had considered driving the 60 miles to Pensacola just to say I'd been there and see a Florida beach. This was tempting enough to google about the show, and my mind was made up. It was outdoors and just two blocks from the beach. Another perk was an old cemetery just two blocks in the opposite direction.
The drive along the interstate proved gorgeous. Red and gold trees were scattered through out the pines along the way. I even pulled over a couple times. (I don't really recommend that on an Interstate Highway.)
I found some amazing food…. Shrimp on a stick, gumbo, calypso chicken, beans and rice, grits, fish tacos, deep fried bread pudding. A bakery served up the best looking baked goods. I stopped there first and before I left to get something to go.

The first artist to catch my attention was David Curles, who did mixed media. I studied each piece and he was happy to let me take a few photos. He also does metalwork, images transfers on brass.

Another man who did mixed media. His pieces were quite large compared to the photograph beside them. They were all of real people from the area, extremely interesting work.

Some strange and quirky stuff too. I loved this girl's camera people. Cultivated Art by JB Farmer from Missouri. I was so tempted to buy one but I know hubby would jokingly (half seriously) start referring to me as a camera head. It was actually kind of a light bulb moment. I chose not to take one home and vowed to be more in the moment around him and not behind the lens. But aren't they adorable?

I bought some jewelry. A real hydrangea blossom and these earrings made me think of Amy of Four Corners Design. by Sandy James. Check out her schedule, she may be near you soon! Sorry the earring gal didn't have a website.
I also got more 'street' photography done there than anywhere else on my whole trip.
There were even beer and wine booths scattered throughout the festival. The men serving wore tuxedos in one both, very classy.
Some artists were working on their craft in one area. Metal work, spinning yarn, weaving, grinding grits (I'm not sure how that fit into the art thing…)
My best find of all was a leather journal made by Teresa Merriman of Mind's Eye Journals out of Colorado. I've actually written in it three times. (Journalling is so hard for me to stick with.) 
I almost missed her booth but saw it on my way to the car, hands full of 'to go' pastries. My argument was that if spend this much money it will guilt me into writing or drawing in it. :)
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  1. fantastic finds...fantastic show! and so sweet you thought of me...!
    I was in Pensacola once and had the best gulf shrimp of my life...I may have to check out this show...looks like it has a broad national appeal...and now with the RV, of course I can drive 3000 miles to a show! Happy Friday Roxi!

  2. You found some fantastic things! That jewellers! So disappointed she doesn't sell on the web - I'm sure she would do well

  3. Finding the Art festival was truly awesome Roxi! Great photos of the artists and their booth. I LOVE the leather journal!

  4. How fun! You found a great event, the art and food look wonderful. The journal is so pretty I would leave it out on the table just to look at.

  5. What a great show. You found some lovely stuff. And the food ... well that looked divine. I've never had shrimp on a stick, or grits, but the food in the photo looks really good. All the best, Bonny

  6. I love going off on adventures when I tag along with my husband on business trips. You certainly had a fun day and met some very interesting and talented people..Since I am addicted to journaling, I love the leather journal you found...

  7. wonderful finds! i used to live in Pensacola for two years, so it's always nice to hear about them again! you and i would get in trouble if we traveled together lol

  8. Loved everything there. The pastries, YUM! That is a beautiful journal, don't give up keep writing in it, it is amazing what you can uncover when you write.

  9. What a fun day! You had me at that pastry tray - my mouth was actually watering as I looked at those goodies!

  10. What a great find! And art shows, craft fairs, etc., are the best places for street photography because people are so busy looking at things other than the crazy lady with the big camera. :-D

  11. Roxi, This art festival looks like heaven! I'm so glad you snapped some photos to share - almost like being there with you - without spending any money! Truly, every artist inspires and that inspiration leads to growth. I love those sculptures with the camera heads! Keep us posted on the journal writing . . . I have the same issue, hard to stick to it!

  12. Love journalling, and particular journals that combine writing with drawing. Unfortunately I also find it very difficult to write regularly, I mainly write when times get a little harder so not a balanced view of life for later :)


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