Sunday, November 2, 2014

Black and White Texture Mobile Edit: Stackables

I have a Stackables formula for you today. A black and white textured edit.

  1. Adjust> Color Adjust > Sharpness 80%
  2. Soft Clouds Darken 50%
  3. Rose Bud Hard Light 30%
  4. Adjust> Color Adjust> Contrast 100%, 
  5. Fairy Tale Hard Light> 30%
  6. Steelclaw> Screen 44%
  7. Water Nymph> Overlay 24%
  8. Adjust> Color adjust> Saturation 0, Gamma 56
You can save this formula by clicking the upper right icon.
Join me over at the E-scapeandScrap blog on Tuesday for Day 27 featuring more black and white iphoneography.

It App Happy Wednesday this week and if Barb's playing I'll be linking up.
I'm also linking up with Kim on Tuesday for Texture Tuesday.


  1. Fun! I'm going to try this. Thanks!

  2. I'm going to try this on a photo I took this afternoon and see how it turns out.

  3. OK, that does it ... I'm getting Stackables ... hmmmm I may have to delete something to make room! I absolutely love the lavender - what amazing composition and editing. Thanks so much for linking up today, Roxi! You are the queen of apps I think ...

  4. Thank you so much for the information..I am definitely getting Stackables….The lavender shot is just lovely….

  5. Love the lavender image. Your edits are very creative.

  6. Gorgeous! Stackables is becoming one my go-to apps - I just love it.

  7. Roxi a great edit Stackables is fast becoming a real favourite.

  8. Love the lavender image! Very cool tutorial - I don't have Stackables (well, I don't have it yet!)

  9. I'm really not into mobile.. until now! stunning result! Love the second shot...

  10. Thank you Roxi, for the formula, I will put that in my saved Stackables app and think of you when I use it and give you credit for it. I love your b/w series, each and every one of them here.

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