Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Finds Oct 31.

Some days just don't go as you'd expect. Monday was one of those. it turned out to be a 12 on my scale of 1 to 10. I met my friend, Kathy for breakfast on the north side of town and then the day took a detour….
I had meant to throw the camera in the car and go by the Garden and Arts Center to check out the flowers and trees. But Ms. Canon got left at home. Well the least I could do would be to drive by and check it out the tree colors. I shot some good pics there a couple years ago and was hoping to collect a few horse apples for some unusual still life pics. Because we had a very late freeze I figured my chances would be slim on finding any. It is also known as an Osage Orange.
There is on only one tree in the park grow on and it is a huge glorious tree. This year when I saw it, I felt that I knew just how the 'Tree House Man' feels when he talks about 'his' trees. There is something magical about this one.

To my delight the ground was covered with horse apples!
I love these guys! 

They're actually quite large. More like grapefruit size. Of course Miss Unprepared took the only course of action possible.
My purse must become the mode of transport. Not good, because they have a tendency to be sticky. Sticky with sap like a pine. I picked up the best ones then decided to pick a 'bouquet' of branches to take home.

My afternoon was spent "autumn-izing" the living room and some random still life shots in my studio. It's SO nice when the creativity flows.
The grand daughter also came over and we played in the leaves.
I have enough photos to keep me busy for quite awhile.

It was a very good day. Now I will be cleaning the inside of my new purse.
PS. I went back on Wednesday well dressed and prepared. More to come…..
Come on over to Kim's blog today and see what kind of great goodies everyone has found/discovered this week.
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  1. What a fantastic tree! Those apples are just crazy wonderful. Can't wait to see more of your images of those awesome apples!

  2. I simply adore that branch bouquet ... it's absolutely stunning and with the addition of the horse apples, a perfect autumn vignette. Sounds like you had a most wonderful day.
    Keeping With the Times

  3. What a fun and profitable day you had! I used to have to park under a 'horse apple' tree where I worked and I always worried they would fall on my car and dent it. Your still lifes are wonderful, can't wait to see more!

  4. WOW! What a day- and the photo results are fabulous! Your fall bouquet and bucket of horse apples make a fabulous display. Can't wait to see more of the photos!

  5. I have never seen a horse apple before. They look amazing, and I just have to ask: can you eat them? Lovely photos of the foliage both on the trees and in your wonderful arrangements. All very autumnal. All the best, Bonny

  6. That is a wonderful tree. The leaves and horse apples make a great Autumn decoration!

  7. You are amazing Roxi! I would never think to use horse apples as an autumn decoration. They are perfect, and the autumn branches are so delicate. I love the bottom image of the tree and apples. Love your processing on all of these, and it sounds like you really enjoyed the creativeness that flowed this week.

  8. That tree is beautiful ! Love your photos and your story made me smile :) Happy weekend !

  9. What a great adventure! Beautiful tree.

  10. Those horse apples look great - I've never seem them before! The colors of fall are surrounding you as well ... Enjoy them and the creative moments at the studio!

  11. I love that you had a day of spontaneous fun and adventure. Your fall decorating is welcoming and it's easy to see why your granddaughter loves spending time with you. My favorite picture - the last one - speaks of abundance and gratitude. Beautiful images - and a great discovery!

  12. What beautiful pics, I love all of them! I have never heard or seen horse apples interesting and they make great still life subject. I really enjoy seeing your photos on IG!

  13. I have never seen horse apples before we have horse chestnuts but they are smooth and much smaller. Great images.


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