Saturday, October 18, 2014

Selfie Tutorial

I am a Hipstamatic lover but when it comes time to do a selfie it can be tricky. There is no reversing the camera on Hipstamatic, so if you are holding the phone and pointing toward you with out looking at the display your shot could come out like this.

What we need is a mirror! The rear view mirror in the car worked quite nicely for me. I had to position it just right to see the preview in the mirror.
You will be glad to know that the Volume up bottom does work to take your shot so you're not tapping around trying to hit the button.

This one of my favorite combinations. BettyXL and Dream Canvas. Because it is a 'light' combination it works great for hiding wrinkles and large noses and generally makes you look good! (The Amaro filter in Instagram does a nice job too.) compared to this combo. (Tejas and Dream Canvas)
Note: The closer your phone is, the bigger your nose will look.

Here is another mirror shot. (Note the phone.) Original…. 

Edited in PicFX. ($1.99) 
1.Choose Black & White Set. 2. BW Scratch. 3. Add a layer. 

4. Choose Light Set. 5. Bokeh4 6. Touch the screen to reveal the opacity slider on the right and the rotate button on the left if you want to rotate that layer. 7. Save to camera roll or social media.

Today I'm also posting about "Selfies" for Day 13 of our Scrap With Apps Challenge over at E-ScapeandScrap. Come check it out!


  1. Love how your selfies turned out, they are always so tricky even when you do use the self facing camera.

  2. Look at you and those cute freckles!

  3. What fun! I will try this soon. I am SO loving your 30 Day Challenge!! Thank you for sharing your skills and enthusiasm with us.



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