Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Finds Oct 24th

It's Friday again?! Oh my, where does the time go? This morning I pondered whether to go get a bagel, update my computer or start this post. My stomach is growling so I think I should get this together and then go to Einstein's. 
I grabbed a quick shot of my treasures I picked up last weekend at a 'junk' show. Then quickly processed it in Stackables. Check out my recent tutorial here.

I've been thinking about my recent obsession with my mobil editing and decided to compare the number of photos taken this month with the phone compared to the Canon.  phone 455, Canon 60. I'm almost hanging my head… These don't count granddaughter photos which were approximately 300 each. Only because we did a photo shoot last week.
So today I'll post a few Canon shots of our Autumn beginnings. Lightroom edits.

(no edit)
Have a truly blessed weekend!
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  1. Well, I love your phone images - you really rock them so you just need to go with it. I'm following your tutorials - really great stuff and it's neat to be visiting E-scape and Scrap again ...

  2. All your images are inspiring! the tutorials are a great help!

  3. Beautiful photos, Roxi! I especially love that last one - the contrast between light and dark is stunning and you've captured it perfectly.

  4. Wonderful images! Interesting how we are all growing to love our phone cameras. I didn't realize you did tutorials- I've been meaning to check out Stackables, so will be back to check out what you wrote. Your finds in the top photo are intriguing! And I love the light in that last shot.

  5. Beautiful images - love those old clothes pins! Wonderful phone images too!

  6. Roxi love all your work. I have become a bit of a Stackables addict !

  7. Tha Stackables tutorial is wonderful - and your images are so clear and vivid . . . I miss time with my big camera as well!

  8. If we hadn't had vacation at the beginning of this month I am sure I would be in with you on only having 60 or less Canon photos.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!