Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Finds Sept 19

Find #1.
My first find this week is that I never could live in Seattle or London and maintain sanity. We've had so much rain lately it's crazy and getting more depressing by the day. We have been in a 4 year drought but since June we've had some very good rains. So the past two weeks have been somewhat unwelcome. The lakes need it, the emotions do not. We saw sun yesterday, hallelujah! Last night it started raining again.
Find #2.
I went to an interior decorator's 'scratch and dent' sale on Monday. I found this 5 foot gorgeous piece for $40. Now to figure out where to hang it. The original tag said $350. Crazy good find.
Find #3.
I went to Barnes and Noble on Thursday to use a coupon for a new magazine and get my ONE pumpkin spice latte for the season. I start a cleanse next week and I'm not supposed to be doing sugar anyway, but I've just cheated so much lately and realize just how addicting it really is. Anyway I found this great looking blogging magazine with a lot of info, like different options, Wordpress, Typepad, Square Space and lots of other information. I've wanted to redo my blog for awhile and this should help. Plus I couldn't leave with out the latest Somerset Digital Studio. !!!
Find #4.
A church just up the road started a Beth Moore bible study this week. It's been awhile since I've done one of hers and they are SO good, so I'm going. Saw a few gals I haven't seen in awhile.

I believe I will doodle in my book too.
Find #5.
A new chalk paint to try and a new brush. I watched the girl paint a piece while I was at her store. She and the brush made it look easier than my last attempt.
Find #6.
My spider lilies are a great subject for a little Hipstamatic art. Salvador 84 Lens and Robusta Film.
All shots but this and the first are Hipstamatic with Yoona Lens and Dixie Film.
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  1. Oh lovely finds Roxi the Mollie Makes is good they also do one on photography as well. Guess what it's raining here lol....

  2. Great finds and those brushes do seem to make a big difference.

  3. We've too have had a lot of rain and gray skies in the midwest Roxi. I say hallelujah too when the sun shines. Your Beth Moore class looks great - I've only heard her a few times on tv..but so good! Love your photo find - what a great price. The spider flower is spectacular!!

  4. I've been enjoying your spider lily pics on IG this week. So good! Thanks for sharing all your great finds. Cheers!

  5. Great finds! I'm going to have to find that blogging magazine ... and your spider lily -omgosh! gorgeous! I've been falling behind on IG - I must step it up!!

  6. great finds - and your lilies are so other-worldly looking! and this past summer in Seattle has been wonderful - fantastic weather - so see, it doesn't rain all the time!

  7. Your lily pics are so good! I'm still trying to work Hipstamatic out. The picture was a great bargain!


  8. I know 'scratch and sniff' but 'scratch and dent' ??
    Is that what used to be known as 'distressed'?
    All my furniture is distressed and scratched and dented. I have never seen that as anything but a failing :-)

    Your Spider Lily is very fetching indeed. What a great effect.
    Makes watercolours and brushes [ the real ones ] obsolete.

  9. Cool finds this week Roxi, while I was in VA visiting my family this week we had one day of rain. I love rain just not all at once like we sometimes get it here in AZ. the desert floor just can't take that much rain. I will look for the blogging magazine as I am on Squarespace and love it and am interested it what the magazine has to say about it. Your Spider Lily is just awesome, loved the collage you did on IG.


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