Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coneflower Love

These babies have ravished my heart. 
The common pink coneflower I planted last year didn't survive the winter. There are a few volunteers out there but I think they may all be yellow. Most are still quite small. The rabbits seem to enjoy them more than is allowed. 
I bought a few new ones this summer. They were all shades of coral and orange when they were planted. So far this color is all that's blooming.

I dusted off my Lens Baby (Composer Pro with Double Glass Optic, 4 aperture) and tried out a few new presets for Lightroom.

Lightroom Presets Summer Collection- Summer 10 with additional adjustments. 
This one is my most favorite, at least for today.

I didn't care that this ended up out of focus. I really like it this way. 
Rad Lab Replichrome Sample Pack Tweaks, Curve:: Fade+++ This is a free 'try me' part of Rad Lab's  Lightroom Film Presets. This is the first time I've played with it. Not sure that I'll spend the money, we'll see.

Rad Lab ReplichromeII Sample Pack Films, E100G Calibrated+

Absolutely no edits! When I went to look up my info on this one I couldn't believe I had not done ANY edits. (Makes me want to go back and play.)
I used several fonts in my word art, (Yes, I broke the rule of no more than 2 or three max.)
Merged them to one layer.
Added a mask, added a gradient to the mask from the bottom so BLUR would fade out.
Duplicated my layer and applied the mask. 
Added a slight vertical motion blur. 
Added a new mask to it. 
Selectively brushed away and added back on the mask of both text layers.
Added a texture to my type layer set on multiply.

Do you feel like you get lost in the blur? 
I often do.
Every time I turn around, it's Friday again. 
Better than Monday right?


  1. Beautiful! You know I like them. Nicely done!

  2. hi roxi ... all your processing is gorgeous!! Love the lensbaby look ... it is something that I have not delved into yet ... maybe someday!

  3. These are completely amazing - from the focus to the edits - wow! My fav is the first one.

  4. What beautiful images these are.
    I especially love the second one.
    Really great tones.

  5. What fun play - presets and coneflowers.

  6. These are gorgeous! So fun to see the variations on the theme, each one beautiful in a different way.

  7. Oh! these are my favourite flowers! I am attempting to re-populate our little piece of Native Prairie with heritage coneflower seeds and this year they are doing quite well. Wonderful work with the lensbaby, so very beautiful... each image so lovely in it's own special way.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!