Monday, September 1, 2014

August Photo Heart Connection

It's sad to see summer leave although we still have lots of good weather ahead around here. 
This is my Photo Heart Connection this month.
Most of you won't be surprised since I seem to live in the sunflowers. They look like 2 peas in a pod, like one is saying to other, "I've got your back". Or is coming along side to give comfort and a hug.
iPhone photo edited in Lightroom. Why? Because I was there.
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  1. This is truly such a beautiful photograph!

  2. This photo is just lovely. I like seeing all of the others in the background. I am also a big lover of sunflowers and grow them too.

  3. Nice finding and words. Don't be sad about summer's leaving, it will come back again... :), Su.

  4. Great title! They look to me like they are exchanging confidences, heads down a little, leaning in towards each other to better hear their shared secrets. I love that color along the horizon!


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