Wednesday, August 27, 2014

App Happy Wednesday Aug 27

It's App Happy Wednesday it seems like everyday could be App Happy for me. I really must get back to a little Photoshop before I forget what I know.
But in the meantime we are h'APP'y!
This week I set up a little still life with a branch from my Pink Snowberry bush at work. This is the first year it has looked really good. I brought it home to Texas about three years ago from a nursery in South Dakota where my dad and step mom live. (In the back seat on our plane no less. It was a rather large container but I made room.) I'd never heard of one before and wasn't sure how it would do here in the heat. But it was planted on the east side of the building and I'm sure that helped. 

I took several close ups hoping to do a collage of nine, but some weren't good enough.
I used PictureFrames app to make the collage.

I opened it in Snapseed to make basic edits and get an over all lighter look. 
The background of the top right photo was a little dark compared to the rest so I also used the Selective Adjust to brighten just the background. 
I will probably do more edits on this later. 

Some of the singles were edited in various apps. 
Snapseed Retrolux Filter

Retrolux, then back into Drama.

Stackables, 8 layers, three of which were not texture layers. And five texture layers.

In this screen shot you can see some of my layers. I love how you can drag the layers to rearrange them. In layer 9 I desaturated and added contrast and adjusted the gamma a bit for a black and white version. You can also save your formula to try on another photo. (I sure wish Snapseed did this).

Of course I whipped out Hipstamatic and shot a few too.
Bette XL Lens, Dream Canvas Film

Tinto 1884 Lens, D-Type Plate Film

Tejas Lens, Ina's 1982 Film

Jimmy Lens, Kodot Grizzled Film

Ray Mark II Lens, Blanko 일 Film 
This is a real favorite of mine. It gives an antique feel complete with texture.

Lowy Lens, Robusta Film

Sometimes it's just hard to know when to stop...
Join us over at Keeping With The Times for more mobile edits.
Keeping With The Times


  1. How cool is your Snowberry, haven't seen that since I worked in the florist shop and how cool that you got it to grow for you in TX. So surprised. U know I love that pitcher, my gosh if you ever get tired of it you know where you can send it. I love your hipsta edits so much and the funny thing or maybe not so funny but sad really I have all of those firms and cameras you used. :) Love the Hipstamatic so easy and so fun and great, like a bunch of chocolates.

  2. These are gorgeous. I especially love your hipstamatic shots - I haven't used it in ages, you've inspired me to revisit it!

  3. The snowberries are gorgeous! I've never heard of them but I'm so happy they're thriving for you. I think I need a Hipstamatic tutorial, year, really. You've done a beautiful job. And like Barbara, I love that pitcher!

  4. Oh how I love these beautiful berries! I've never heard of them - such a soft pink. We have a wild snowberry but it's pure white and they don't grow on branches like this. Your edits amazing! I really like the idea of the Stackables app ... it's probably better than PS touch which is, as you mentioned not very intuitive. Adore the Hipsta shots - wow wow wow!! Thanks for playing today, Roxi!

  5. How beautiful! I love all of them :)

  6. This is such a pretty berry, and your edits on these images are really lovely!

  7. great post! love your edits...all of them! :-)

  8. I wish snapseed would save personal edits!! I don't know why they don't, the whole NIK software suite shouldn't be that big to add to the mobile version, you know? It drives me nuts! I've got to look into stackables...that is seriously cool!

  9. Simply fab Roxi I am such a Hipst fan and I must get the hang of Stackables so much texture goodness there ....

  10. Terrific edits, Roxi. Maybe one of these days I'll get involved in mobile editing. Looks so good.

  11. You see, this is the inherent danger in your blog...the pull toward iPhoneography...the struggle is real.
    These are exquisite images!!
    Just not enough hours in a day, eh?



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