Wednesday, September 10, 2014

App Happy Sept 10

I did a little still life set up. Had to grab a few of the straggler sunflowers in the garden for one last go.
Hipstagram Dream Canvas, Tejas

Shot from above:

Then I started taking things apart.
FocalLab, PixlrExpress

Snapseed, Rhonna Designs


I have a few others I haven't edited, but as you can tell I had a blast playing with my flowers.
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  1. Your sunflowers are beautiful, I love the perspective ~ and the lilac heart!

  2. Wow! You did have fun! I can't believe how good your flowers still look, mine are pretty much history. Your background board is perfect and the from above gave you a great perspective.

  3. Gorgeous images! I love the "take apart" image and that "Love" image is awesome!

  4. They're all gorgeous - I like the 3rd from the top - love the colour and your backdrop - it truly is amazing! Thanks so much for linking up today, Roxi!

  5. Those new backdrops are serving you well. Lovely work.


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