Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eroded Borders

My latest favorite way to edit my photos with an eroded border look. This is the texture I had posted about yesterday transformed to a square.
 To make this work for this technique I needed to invert it (Command/Control I in Photoshop) to make the center black and the edges white.
My photo is placed on top of my 'textured' layer and the blend mode is changed to screen.
 What makes this work is that the light areas of the lower layer will cause the top layer to disappear. The areas of your bottom layer that are totally black will cause that area of your photo to show 100%. Areas that are totally white will be 100% white. Areas that are shades of grey will be different percentages according to their darkness.
But if you want to go for an even different look how about using the colored version instead of black and white? My original was very orange colored and I need the darkness at the center so I inverted it and ended up with this.
If I replaced the black and white with it the result is very different. I could have done this on my iPad too and just for grins, I think I will and post it to Instagram. I think it's begging for text or other goodies too.


  1. Very cool, Roxi! You always discover the greatest stuff when you just let yourself play and ask, "what if?" Awesome stuff! : )

  2. Oh oh very excited to try this I love distressed edges.. Beautiful photo Roxi..

  3. Love this look, Roxi! Thanks for sharing.


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