Friday, June 13, 2014

Heading North

Come on over to Kim's blog today and see what kind of great goodies everyone has found/discovered this week.
This week's find is actually an old find. Two years ago while visiting my aunt and seeing her gorgeous gardens I realized what I had lost along the way. 
You see I come from a family of gardeners. We were farmers yes, but my grandmother and all my aunts had the most beautiful flower beds in their yards. Of course my mother's was no exception. So I've worked hard the last two years, determined to make my beds as lush as theirs were. (My garden shot is at the end of this post.)
Let my introduce you to my aunt Crystal. She's just a year older than I am so we were more like cousins growing up. She lives in a gorgeous restored old farm house. These are shots I took back in 2012. I just processed them in Lightroom Wednesday with the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Presets from Pretty Presets. I love the matt look for these porch shots. 
We are going for a visit next week. This time I hope to get some good shots of the house.

A few shots of her beds. She has great 'yard art'. Besides having a green thumb, she works at the nursery in the spring so she has access to TONS of stuff. She sent geraniums home with me last year. (The most gorgeous color.)

Some from my yard this month. Believe or not not all the flowers blooming right now volunteered (except those day lilies). I am so glad I discovered poppies would grow here. I wonder what else will that I don't know about...

Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. What a great front porch on her house. Something I have always dreamed of. Your gardens wonderful as do your Aunt's.

  2. Beautiful photos, I love the porch and the adorable cat ! Your garden is gorgeous, like an English cottage garden, love it :)

  3. wow such a gorgeous setting, I want to be there, the kitty looks like he is enjoying himself. The light is just wonderful

  4. Both gardens look great! And your aunt's house ... well, I want to visit, too!

  5. OHHH MY GOSH...just gorgeous...all of it.

  6. Gorgeous!
    And those it!

  7. That porch is ah mazing!!! I love the edits - I'm going to have a look at those presets - thanks for the tip. I love garden art - I think it adds so much character. Your garden is stunning as well!

  8. I love it ALL! What great matte photos of your "aunt's" house and your garden is gorgeous!


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