Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Apps June 4

It's an App Happy Day with Barb over at Keeping With The Times.

I've been in poppy heaven lately. This is at our local Garden and Art Center here in Lubbock. The purple is larkspur. It actually out numbers the poppies except for this patch. I also have quite a nice group of volunteers at my house. (Yesterday's post) And on Friday I'm planning on discussing what I've found about photographing red this week. (More poppies)
This was shot on my iPhone and edited in iColorama. Style>Simplify #6 preset.
I tried several more photos with this preset and couldn't get any of them to look anything like this.

Here's a scrapbook page featuring some shots from the month of May. It was a rather pink month I'd say.
Here's a thank you to all my blogging friends for visiting and commenting on my blog. I appreciate each one of you very much!
This is a template from the Photo Bunches Set 2 available here. (I suggest using the psd files rather than the png files.) You can use this code to get 50% off any of my products. blogbuddies2014 code good all year, anytime.

Keeping With The Times


  1. Wow- gorgeous images and layout!

  2. Love the poppies. I have a packet of seeds that I need to sow sometime! I am enjoying hopping around to see all the different apps people are using. (I'm still stuck with computer apps! Phone photography is just not my thing . . . .)

  3. Well, I am lovin' your poppies ... particularly since we don't have them here, at least not in abundance. Yours are gorgeous, great edit, too.

  4. Your poppies look like a painting (dare I say Monet)... and I love your template! Thanks so much for linking up today, Roxi!

  5. I have one poppy that has opened. But they should be prime when we are up north for vacation, so I am excited to read your post on Friday about shooting red.

  6. Wow, I love the first photo ! I went looking for poppies today, there are usually lots here along the interstate in NC, but I think I'm too late, they must have bloomed while I was away. I did find one little bunch, but that was it !

  7. The poppies are gorgeous! That scrapbook page has a lot of real estate. Loving the square photo mats for my Hipstamatic pics!

  8. Wow fantastic display and a great picture template you are so talented...


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