Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peony Profusion

You will be bombed with peony photos for a bit. I have made some still life shots that I will post for Texture Tuesday so I'm saving them. You'll just have to come back. Pale pink for today!
 I had fun playing with Pretty Presets Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow set on the last two. The first one is SOOCamera.

kk_justatouch texture


  1. they are most beautiful! I have to wait for a little while for my peonies but will sure post them!

  2. Peonies are so pretty when they're at their peak and this is a beautiful color!

  3. When I have peonies (from Trader Joe's, not my garden!) I can't resist taking photos of them from every angle and at every stage. They are just so beautiful! Love the processing on the last shot!

  4. Pretty pink flowers, Roxi. I like your edits and the SOOC is excellent. Peonies remind me of my Grandma. She had several flower beds lining her yard full of big puffy flowers.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!