Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Finds May 9

After a smashing trip to Santa Fe I returned home to find several flowers about to open. I held my breathe when we left hoping the peonies wouldn't peak while I was away. Perfect timing!

Four years ago I had planted what I thought was a white peony. It finally had one bud last year that froze to my dismay. But this year it has about a dozen blooms and they are soft pale pink! 

A gerbera that was planted last year was strutting it's stuff.

I finally broke down and bought an agapanthus, it's still in my garage because we've had such nasty windy dirty days. But it's beginning to open.

My Gemini rose has it's first bloom.

To top it off the cardinals are hanging around pretty close. So we'll be getting a feeder or set up another bird bath so I can get some better shots.

The simple things are absolutely the best!
Word art by Brandy Murry, Elegant Quotes.
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Have a most beautiful weekend!

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  1. These are all super pretty... I love gerber daises... I didn't know they would come back. I'll have to find a place for mine in the yard next spring. I think I'll keep it in the pot this summer.

  2. Beautiful photos of your flowers , and that pale pink peony is gorgeous !!

  3. I cannot seem to pick a favorite in this collection Roxie. They are all so stunning and lovely! Great job!

  4. gotta remember to plant some peonies...yours are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful. I wonder when my peonies will open this year.

  6. The simple things are indeed best! Beautiful work, Roxi.

  7. hi roxi ... glad you made it back for the peonies. You are way ahead of us ... springtime is slow, but I am sure it kick into high gear soon! love your photos!

  8. You have an abundance of gorgeous flowers in your garden - it always amazes me how far ahead of us you are. Gorgeous photos!

  9. so beautiful Roxi, love your garden and the cardinal reminds me of VA.

  10. Oh boy, your flowers in your garden, Roxi ... Enjoy the beauty and the scents ... all the shades of red and pink, peonies are wonderful in all stages!
    ... And Happy Mother's Day to you!

  11. Simple things really are important to recognize and cherish in our lives. You flower garden is beautiful. Thank You for sharing your spring blooms. It's still too cold for blooms and blossoms around here.

  12. Holy cow Roxi, these flowers are stunning.


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